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PropertyMojo is an out of the box residential property investing ‘know how’ provider

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I'm a Brand New Investors

Brand New

Property investing can make you some good money, but there is a lot to consider and it can be difficult getting started. If you don’t have finance – what do you do? And if you can get finance but you buy the wrong property, you’ll not only waste a lot of time, but also a whole lot of money. Fortunately, we are here to help you avoid making costly mistakes. We help new investors get around finance barriers, buy the right properties, and grow profitable investment portfolios.

I'm a Home Owner Investor

Home Owner

We help home owners grow their equity, buy the right properties and build profitable investment portfolios. The Property Investor Program is designed for Kiwis who want to make money through property investing.
It’s specifically designed for people who don’t want to go shooting arrows in the dark, hoping for the best. We will prepare you to think outside the box, and to use every opportunity you can to build your financial freedom.

I'm an Experienced Investor


There are Kiwis who are content with their 2-3-4 or 5 investment properties, and then there are Kiwis who own 20 properties and are continuing to buy more.

There are Kiwis who make $400,000 in capital gains over 10 long years, and then there are Kiwis who make $400,000 in a single transaction in a few months.

And of course there are the majority of Kiwis who use their own money to buy property, and then there are those who build a portfolio with no money of their own.

About Us

Who We Are & How we can help you

Helping great New Zealanders build wealth through property investing.

We all have a story. Here is mine.

I left India for greener pastures some 21 years ago with exactly $257 in my pocket.
I remember the amount $257 clearly because I was scared, really scared. I realised that I had inadvertently jumped into an ocean, without really knowing how to swim. I went into survival mode. Odd jobs followed: Telemarketing, driving a bakery truck, sandwich sales door to door, launching 2 businesses, both of which failed miserably. Nothing seemed to be working. I was pushed to the edge. It’s painful going down the memory lane. Life was tough. Really tough.

However, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. What other option did I have? Give up? I looked around for successful people around me and I knew someone who was hugely successful in property. While I was making $16/hour doing odd jobs, this gentleman was making over $500,000 from his property trades.

This kind gentleman took pity of my circumstances, and took me under his wings as my mentor.

We all work hard. But my mentor taught me to add smart into hard. He taught me the ropes and I devoured and quenched my thirst for knowledge, like there was no tomorrow.

I then rolled up my sleeves and dived in. After lots of trials, turbulence and tribulations, I began to make ground.

Fast forward 14 years, today I have multiple streams of income, a substantial property portfolio, all the creature comforts that go along with.

However I felt something was still amiss. You see, there comes a point – usually around the age 45, when one ponders upon their purpose in life. Upon profound introspection I have realised that I want to pass it forward. Over the past decade I have met and worked with hundreds of Kiwis as a financial adviser. During this period, I have closely observed and found that

Kiwis often fall into two groups.

Kind A – Kiwis who work hard, really hard, and yet struggle to pay off their mortgage, and unfortunately as it seems, they are destined to work until their retirement age – and perhaps even beyond.

Kind B – Kiwis who added ‘smart’ into hard (work) and transformed their personal financials, from near broke to multimillions.

I am in awe of New Zealand, and of Kiwis looking out for each other. I have tremendous empathy for Kiwis who dare to dream but lack the knowledge, the means, to achieve their dreams. I want to share everything I know about property to make a positive change to Kiwis lives.

Through the Property Investor Program, my goal is try level the playing field. I want to empower Kiwis with the necessary knowledge, strategies and professional know-how to fast track their financial freedom goals through residential property investing. I want all Kiwis in beautiful New Zealand to emulate my property investing success.

I started with $257 and made it happen, So can you.

Carpe Diem.
Sunny Khurana

We help kiwis turbocharge their property wealth goals

Helping great New Zealanders build wealth through property investing.

PropertyMojo is an out of the box residential real estate investing ‘know how’ provider.

We provide tremendous knowledge and strategies, to help you begin or enhance your property portfolio – irrespective of your financial obstacles.
Your property portfolio can then help generate capital gains, rental cashflows, and fast track your property wealth goals.
No Deposit? No Income? Lacking expertise and Confidence? “All problems become smaller when you confront them instead of dodging them.”

“Problems are nothing but wake-up calls for creativity”

Aristotle famously wrote,

“The more you know, the more you realise you don’t know”
Whether you’re a property newbie, a homeowner investor or a seasoned pro, our program is designed to help you make money through property investing.

The property investor program is an online course designed for Kiwis who want to make money though property investing.

Get started today with a free phone consultation.

If you would like to learn more about property investing and how you can get started or scale your investments, book a time for a free phone consultation.

Our Programs

Property Investor Program




Turbocharge your psychology by programming your mindset for tremendous property success through action Learn and hone the one skill that every successful property investor on the planet has


Develop a personal 10-year retirement plan and project yourself to 2031. Learn how to create a maximised investment portfolio of multiple properties, generating your rental income for retirement, in 10 years’ time.


Learn which suburbs and streets are best to buy in so that your investment always performs above market. Learn to become a property investing expert by performing extreme due diligence and research before property purchase, so you don’t fail.


Learn powerful negotiation tactics to buy property at discounted prices (by up to 10% below the vendor’s reserve price). Learn what motivates agents and vendors and how you can use this to your advantage

Case studies

This story started with a coffee and the Sunday paper. It ended with a $500,000 property delivering $1960 rent per week.

Do people still read the paper? They should, there are always deals to be found in them. This particular investment literally started with a long black and the Sunday paper. Three months later it ended up being a great investment delivering a whopping 20% yield. But it wasn’t all smooth sailing. This short case study video breaks down the the step by step process I took to make it all happen.

Over the past 12 years, Sunny has been our first point of contact for residential property investing & financial advice. Whether it be a new property purchase or financial advice of an existing investment Sunny acts in his clients best interest to get the job done – the point of difference compared to others is that he does indeed get the job done.

I have the utmost confidence in Sunny & PropertyMojo to perform and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending their services.

Shannon Pearson

Corporate Culture Strategist, incrementa (un)consulting

I have been a house owner since 2013 and ever
since been thinking about investing in properties. But I have never able to invest in New
Zealand due to my perceived affordability gap.
Beginning of 2020 I contacted Sunny when I heard about PropertyMojo. PropertyMojo introduced me to the world of property investment through their Property Investment program. To put in in few words, it was absolutely mind boggling, eye opening, intriguing and changed all my perceptions of property investments.
While I was going through this program; the team always made them selves available for any
discussions. They provided me with customised advice based on my personal circumstances and financial position. They have set me up to buy 3 investment properties at
the moment where I thought I couldn’t even afford 1. Today PropertyMojo are a genuine third eye for me that I can turn to for any property investment advice without hesitation. Their unparalleled knowledge of properties in terms of what to look for in an investment property, how to go about acquiring it including techniques of negotiations and financing has helped me position
myself in the best possible way. In this journey of property investments, the most I needed was a trusted advisor. PropertyMojo for me has been that one trusted friend, guide and the best property investment advisors I could have hoped for. 

Alan Speirs

Managing Partner, Still Creek Communications

See What Our Clients Say

Kia ora, we wanted to send you a message to thank you for all of the work you have done to help us get across the line with our new property. We are all sixes and nines at the moment with moving but would love you to come visit when things have settled down! Our very best.

Jenny and Warren

Sunny is one of those people who go above and beyond to assist you on your property journey and make sure you get the best results. His knowledge is invaluable and I am grateful we met him when we did!

Michaiah S

I have introduced all my family members and my good friends to Sunny and they all say the same thing. He is our property guy!
“Sunny is my property guru, with his knowledge, help, motivation, enthusiasm, his love of property and never ever failing to support and encourage me – I have had the confidence to invest in more and more properties. I started in 2012 and by 2015 I had 4 investment properties and a family home. Sunny is always my person to go to and every time I call, he gives me the energy to keep moving forward. I have introduced all my family members and my good friends to him and they are all say the same. He’s our property guy. Thank you Sunny!

Heyley S

We were introduced to Sunny 7 years ago through a friend. I truly believe he is one of the best property/financial advisors we could ask for. From our first meeting with him which has served a number of purposes including financial independence and longer term ability to earn a passive income. This was achieved in a very professional manner, while at the same time putting us totally at ease. He made us feel comfortable and the astute advice provided has already led to significant savings and a secure financial future for us and our soon to be growing family.

After completing the initial course of Property Mojo, we were very impressed with the personalised professional service and advice given to us, and how you have tailored this specifically to suit our situation and future needs. We felt very comfortable to put our finances in your care and for you to guide us in the right direction. It gives me confidence that you are carefully managing our investment and reacting quickly to the changes to give us the best results for the longer term.

We would like to express our thanks for the work Sunny has done for us over the past 7 years. The expertise and attention to detail could not be faulted. Particularly reassuring to us is our feeling of certainty in the absolute integrity of your dealings with us. Your continual advice on financial planning issues has saved us significant amount of money. I would recommend Sunny and the PropertyMojo team to anyone looking to be smarter with their money, and more effective with their property investing.

Nicole B